Friday, February 22, 2013

stop dieting, start living

I overhear women a lot speak about how unhappy they are with their bodies, how they need to lose weight. We are living in a society where we neglect to pay attention to what is truly bothering us; instead, we deflect to our bodies.  Guilty as charged.  Our bodies become the battle ground on which the war is fought.  I hear the "I've been good all day I probably shouldnt have that cake..."  or "what can I do to just tighten up around here?" or "I screwed up already may as well keep eating." I've been down this road too many times and it leads nowhere...I'm tired of it.  I'm tired of the "when I lose weight, then..." game. Where are we trying to get ladies? Because I've got news; once we get there it still won't be enough.  We are scared to trust our bodies to make any decisions about food.  We are scared we will get "out of control."  We are scared we'll "never stop." Some people may not like it when I say this but following a "diet plan" in order to stay "healthy" is an oxymoron.  Yes, I said it.  Let me say it's an oxymoron.  Diet are designed to fail thereby making us feel like we have no willpower, no control and so let's run to the donuts and cake and drown ourselves in food for the promise of the next diet to begin on Monday.  Our mental health suffers and years of yo-yo dieting causes damage on our bodies.  Eliminating food groups, counting calories, points, etc...We are better than that.  Our bodies deserve better than that.  When put to the test our bodies actually won't fail us...its our minds that play the tricks.  Oh and they play them so well!  I'm finally taking the steps to be at a place in my life where I've accepted THIS body as mine.  It is the only one I get.  It does not deserve to be treated well ONLY if I workout, ONLY if I stick to a "clean" eating plan.  It deserves to be treated well simply because it is mine.  It deserves to be moved and exercised because it feels good.  It deserves to be fed nutritious foods and sweet foods and yummy foods just because.  Not under conditions....this is the only life we get.  I say life is short, let's eat dessert first ;p